Tips for Surviving Dorm Life

September 12, 2017


As if attending college for the first time isn’t difficult enough, moving into a dorm can be a rough transition.

Whether you had your own room or you shared a room with a sibling, chances are, dorm life is going to take some getting used to. It’s just not easy to condense all of your stuff into a tiny room, and having a first-time roommate — woof, that can be rough. But, the good news is that Store It Right & U-Haul in Charlottesville is here to help. Here are a few tips from our experts for surviving dorm life.

#1. Rent a student storage bin!

Here at Store It Right & U-Haul, we know how arduous it can be to try to fit everything you need in a teeny tiny dorm room. But luckily, we have the perfect solution for you. We offer climate controlled student storage bins exclusively for Wahoos like you! These bins are perfect for safely storing your belongings. In addition to our bins, we also offer a variety of self-storage units, and since we keep our prices affordable, our storage solutions are perfect for college students who don’t want to spend an arm and a leg.

#2. Don’t try to bring all of your clothes.

There’s typically not enough room in your average dorm to store the entire year’s worth of clothes. And while it’s always smart to sort and downsize your clothes ahead of time, it’s also a good idea to limit the clothes you bring to your dorm to just what you need for the season. The rest of your clothes can be stored in a self-storage unit, storage bin or even at your parent’s house.

#3. Only bring what you really need.

We all have belongings that we barely use — or don’t even use at all. And while it may have been okay to keep these kinds of belongings in your home, where you had plenty of room, it’s a different story when you’re living in a dorm. Only bring belongings that you frequently use to your dorm. After all, if it was doing nothing but taking up space in your old room, chances are, not much will change now that you live in a dorm.

#4. Don’t overdo it with the decorations.

Everyone should feel at home in their dorm, but that doesn’t mean that you should put up every poster you have and spend all of your money on a fancy duvet cover or decorative pillows. The fact is that you’ll only be in that dorm for a year, and the more decorations you put up, the more you’ll have to move once the school year has ended. A few knick-knacks or decorations are all you really need to make your dorm feel like home.

#5. Resist the urge to go shopping.

For many students, the first thing they want to do when they move into the dorm is to go out and get anything they may have forgotten. However, there’s a good chance that if you run out and go shopping right away, you could end up with a lot of stuff you don’t actually need. Wait until your roommate gets moved in and settled before you do any shopping. If they need the same things you do, they may be willing to split the cost.

Turn to Store It Right & U-Haul for the college storage solution you need.

The key to surviving life in the dorms is downsizing, but when you need a storage solution for the rest of your belongings, you need Store It Right & U-Haul. Our storage facility offers state-of-the-art security features, climate-controlled self-storage units, U-Haul rentals and so much more, and we make it a point to keep our prices affordable. Visit us online today to learn more.

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