Strangest Things Found in a Storage Unit

November 14, 2017

For some people, their storage units are the treasure chest they keep their most prized possessions in, and for some, it is all the junk they don’t have room for elsewhere. People rent storage units to keep belongings in, and over the years, some pretty strange things have been found in abandoned storage units. Every year, there are more than 50,000 storage units left abandoned, and storage unit owners hold auctions to get rid of the contents and help recoup rent money. Here are some of the strangest things found in storage units:

A Human Leg

Found inside a meat smoker inside an auctioned storage unit was the original owner’s own leg. It had been amputated in a plane crash three years before it was discovered. The owner said he kept his leg so that when he died, it could be buried with him.

A NASA Rocket

In 2011, a storage unit’s contents were auctioned for $1500. Inside was a NASA countdown clock and rocket that were authenticated by NASA. NASA did not request the rocket back.

Grandma’s Body

In 2012, a mother in Florida made a deathbed confession to her children that, when her mother died in a nursing home, she could not afford the cost of burying her and decided to do it herself. Rainstorms and vehicle issues prevented her from doing it right away, so she stored her mother in a storage unit for 17 years! Her children found the body of their grandmother in the storage unit and gave her a proper funeral.



A Burglar

A Missouri thief targeted storage units because there was rarely anyone around, and there was great potential for valuable goods. During one heist, a storage unit security guard was making his rounds and noticed an open door and closed it, trapping the burglar inside. The cops were called when the guard heard the burglar attempting to get out later that night.


When an auctioned-off storage unit was opened after its owner’s death, a collection of the owner’s dead cats were found. Each of the 12 cats had been sent to the taxidermist and stuffed. There was nothing else in the storage unit.

James Bond’s Car

In a storage unit that was auctioned off for $100 had a car inside that had fins instead of wheels. They had never seen a James Bond movie, so when they had it checked out and found out it was actually the Lotus submarine car used in the movie, The Spy Who Loved Me, they auctioned it for nearly one million dollars.

People store all sorts of bizarre things in their storage units, which goes to show that there are many uses for storage units. At Store It Right, we offer self-storage units to meet all your storage needs, although we draw the line at bodies! Our climate controlled options are perfect for storing your treasures, such as the original Superman comic. Contact us for affordable storage options in Charlottesville.

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