Spring- Clean with a Storage Unit

January 16, 2018

Winter may be hanging around for another few weeks, but Spring is right around the corner. One of the best parts of Spring is Spring cleaning. It may not be very fun, but it helps to clear up some clutter and helps you breathe easier in your home that’s spick and span. This Spring, consider investing in a self-storage unit to help you complete all your Spring cleaning tasks. Here are just a few ways a self-storage unit from Store It Right can help you.


Even if you don’t plan to keep your storage unit for the long term, a self-storage locker can help hold belongings while you get organized. If you are thinking about redoing cabinets or closets go help organize and beautify your storage, instead of finding a temporary place for all your belongings that you’ll have to work around, place your stuff in a storage unit until your projects are complete. Temporarily moving the items to a storage unit will also help because you can continue cleaning your home and then clean your stored belongings as they enter your house!


This tip seems a little obvious – a storage unit can help declutter your house. Use it to store seasonal things such as Christmas trees and decorations or the special occasion fine China. This helps reduce the amount of space it take up in your home, but also helps it from being lost or damaged before the next time you use it. A standard rule of thumb is to donate anything that hasn’t been used for a full year. If you have things you just can’t seem to part with, such as your wedding dress or high school letterman jacket, you can keep it safely in a storage unit to make space for current things while keeping it safe.


If you are using this Spring’s cleaning as an opportunity to do some house remodel projects, seriously consider a self-storage unit as a place to put all your belongings that will need to be moved during the remodel. Using a self-storage unit during a major transitional period such as a remodel helps maintain access to belongings during the remodel will also keeping them away from paint and power tools!

Extra Living Space

If you have a smaller home, with a room that triples as a guest room, home office, and home gym, use a storage unit to add additional living space to your home. You can move the home gym to the storage unit to expand your space, both for your gym and your room at home. Consider replacing a spare bed with a futon or fold out couch for short-term guests and store your extra bed to keep for long-term guests that you can bring home and set up before your guests are due to arrive.

Spring cleaning is the biggest cleaning event of the year. Mid hibernation before the summer sun returns. Take advantage of the many uses of a self-storage unit to help you accomplish your Spring goals. If you are looking for short term or long term climate controlled self-storage units in Charlottesville contact us at Store It Right. Come take a tour and see what we can do for you! We look forward to working with you soon.

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