Life Events Where You Might Need Self Storage

May 3, 2017

Life can be a terribly unpredictable thing, and despite the multiple time-saving innovations available to us in today’s world, people are busier than ever. Sometimes life throws you a curve ball, and other times it casts obstacles in your path that require you think creatively to overcome them. When life events affect what happens to your possessions, it’s important to have self storage nearby to get you out of a pinch. Here at our self storage units near Ruckersville, we would like to share a few life events that might trigger a need for self storage.

1. You move from a bigger place to a smaller place

This happens all the time, and it can take place for many reasons. You might be downsizing, but it could also simply be that you’re moving to a new community and rent a small place at first while you’re looking for a house to buy. Whatever the reason, all your stuff simply won’t fit in your smaller location. Rather than having ugly boxes lining the walls of your living space while you look for a new place, you’ll feel much less cramped if you put the excess stuff in storage.

2. You’ll be out of the country for a few months

If you are going to be gone and then come right back, it might not make sense to get rid of all your stuff only to have to start over buying all your household items. Self-storage can turn out to be much more affordable than replacing all your stuff, and it’s definitely cheaper than paying rent on an apartment all that time. It’s easy to calculate which option will be the better bargain: Simply add up the approximate total replacement purchase price of all the goods you would have to get rid of and buy later if you didn’t put them into storage. Then compare this number to the monthly rate for your storage unit multiplied by the number of months you’ll be away. If the numbers are close and you’re debating which one you ought to do, don’t forget about the amount of time and hassle that will be involved in making all the necessary purchases when you get back in the country. Self storage is convenient and lets you come back to the familiarity of your stuff.

3. You lead a nomadic lifestyle

If you are an adventurous free spirit who lives in a car, moves from couch to couch, or goes backpacking around the country on your own two feet, then you might need a stable location where you can stash your stuff and know it will always be found when you come back to it. Whatever is weighing you down and keeping you from embarking on the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of, just throw it into storage and take off on your grand adventure.

No matter what your reason for needing self storage, Store it Right self storage is here for you. We offer all sizes of storage units as well as climate-controlled units for those more sensitive items on your list. Contact today to get the process started.

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