Is Your Home Cluttered?

June 12, 2017

No one wants to live in a cluttered home, but how can you tell if your home is cluttered?

Nothing is more embarrassing than having a friend or even a stranger come into your home to find piles of clothes on the floor or overflowing drawers. Clutter can quickly add up, but after you’ve gotten used to living in a cluttered home, you can become immune to the clutter. So how do you know if your home is cluttered or not? Here are a few signs that your home is cluttered:

#1. Every surface in your home is covered in stacks of paper.

Did you know that the average American home receives approximately 848 pieces of junk mail per year? If you don’t get in the habit of going through your mail, sorting it and getting rid of the mail you don’t need, it’s easy to see how it could quickly add up. If you have stacks of mail and other paper covering your kitchen table, coffee table and every other surface in your home, you might have a clutter problem on your hands.

#2. Your closet is overflowing.

When it comes time to hang up your freshly laundered clothes, do you have to summon every last ounce of strength you have to make room in your closet? Do you have so many shoes that you can no longer see the floor? We all change over time, and what used to be your go-to outfit may not see the light of day anymore. If you don’t take the time to go through your clothes and shoes every once in awhile, you could end up with a cluttered, overly stuffed closet.


#3. Every drawer is a junk drawer.

It’s common to find one drawer where spare buttons, pens, board game pieces, safety pins and other odd and ends are placed. However, if almost every drawer in your home could be considered a junk drawer because of how stuffed and unorganized it is, it’s a sign that your home is cluttered.

#4. You still own every cell phone you’ve ever bought.

Technology is always changing and improving, and that’s especially evident when you consider cell phones. In order to stay up to date with the latest technology, many people make it a point to have the newest cell phones, but that doesn’t always mean that they get rid of their old ones. If you have a box or a closet that could double as a history museum for cell phone technology, your home might be cluttered.

Don’t let clutter get you down.

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