How a Self-Storage Unit is Your Best Winter Friend

December 13, 2017

Self-storage units are practical all year-round, but become particularly useful during the winter season. Even if you have a garage or a basement at your house, there are several practical reasons to invest in a storage unit rental this winter.

Dorm Room Storage

When the semester ends and everyone heads home for the holidays and vacations, very few universities allow students or their belongings to remain in the dorms. Hauling everything home is pretty unrealistic. A much better solution is to store it in a climate-controlled storage unit and collect it upon return to campus for Spring semester.


With all the schools kicking kids out for a few week’s reprieve, your house can become mad very quickly, even more so if the in-laws stop in for an extended, obligatory holiday vacation visit. Having a storage unit can provide you with your own respite, a place for some temporary peace and quiet. You can take your laptop and get some work done in peace or set up a beanbag and get an hour of quiet reading time in before you return to the madhouse.

Santa’s Workshop

If you are a handy-man and plan to make gifts for your loved ones this year, constructing them in your home garage can quickly give away surprises and encourage curious, eager eyes. Set up a temporary work-shop in a self-storage unit so you can work with privacy. If you aren’t the do-it-yourself builder type, you can still use a storage unit to hide the gifts you purchased as Santa Clause, and perhaps even a jolly red suit for the deliver on the big night.

Summer Toy Storage

If you have a backyard full of fun summer toys that you aren’t particularly interested in letting sit in the snow all winter, renting a storage locker for the winter is an excellent idea. Keep your bike, grill, and lawn mower from rusting and your kid’s sandbox from freezing. When spring comes, you can swap the contents out with all the winder toys like your Christmas ornaments and snowboards. Having a storage unit helps free up space in your closets or garage that usually holds seasonal items so you have more rooms for things like towels and cars.

Personal Gym

If you can’t stand the hassle of learning special holiday gym opening times or dealing with holiday closures that might set you behind in your fitness goals- not to mention all the delicious holiday treats and eggnog- setting up your personal gym in a self-storage unit can help you stay on track. Once the New Years Resolutionists start to flood the gym in January, you can skip the wait behind the moderately committed and use your gym until spring rolls around and the gym clears out again. Or, keep your personal gym and avoid a gym membership and other people’s sweat on the equipment!

If you are looking for a climate-controlled self-storage unit in Charlottesville or Ruckersville, Store it Right Storage  is just the place for you! We provide 24 hour security and short-term lease agreements. Let us help keep your season merry and bright, call us today!

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