12 Moving and Packing Tips to Make Your Move Incredibly Easy

November 18, 2017

Whether you are moving across the street, across town, or across the country, moving can be stressful. By beginning as soon as possible and following the advice of professionals, it can help your move go much more smoothly. Here, we have twelve simple tips to help make your move a little less stressful:

#1 Purge

Moving time is like the ultimate spring cleaning. It is the perfect time to purge everything you have not used. When it comes down to it, think about the last time you used the item and equate everything to weight and space in your Uhaul moving truck. Space is money, is that item worth packing and moving, or is it better off sold for some moving cash, donated, or trashed? Imagine every rehomed item as making the sorting and moving process easier on you.

#2 Sort

For whatever you don’t purge, sort it into like categories that make your packing more organized. When you pack in an organized fashion, it makes unpacking that much quicker and more efficient.

#3 Make a List

Make an ultimate to-do list. Include all the little things such as renting a storage unit, picking up the Uhaul truck, and cleaning your old and new spaces. Creating a timeline can help keep you on track and help reduce the number of tasks you try to complete in one day because it allows you to see the whole picture.

#4 Collect Boxes

Start your quest for boxes as early as you can. You will always need more boxes than you plan for, collecting early will allow you to pack a little at a time and can keep box prices free. When you wait until the last minute, items end up getting shoved in places it fits, which creates chaos instead of organized packing. Picking up boxes when you pick up the Uhaul truck is a terrible idea; you should be packing boxes into the truck, not packing boxes for the truck.

#5 Don’t Grocery Shop

Make your last grocery shopping trip at least a week before your move. This helps reduce the amount of food that is wasted in the move. If you are able to keep your fridge contents between the two houses, limiting your shopping will greatly reduce the amount of stuff you have to move.

#6 Schedule Disconnects and Reconnects

Plan and schedule your utility disconnects and reconnects as far in advance as possible. Appointments fill up quickly and you don’t want to be left without wi-fi for any longer than necessary. Another benefit to scheduling early is you can schedule multiple appointments on the same day to reduce the number of days you have to take off work to be home to wait for the installation guy.

#7 Coordinate Help Early

If you are counting on friends and family to help at either or both ends, make sure to ask with plenty of time to allow for them to book their calendars (or clear them!). If you wait until the last moment, you may end up loading your Uhaul truck all alone!
If you plan to use a professional moving service, dates book up quickly, so it is beneficial to call ahead.

#8 Change Your Mailing Address

Ideally, you would change your mailing address about a week in advance. This reduces the amount of mail lost in the shuffle and your mail from reaching the wrong owner at your old home. Since the US Postal Services works on federal business days, it is always a good idea to change your address sooner rather than later.

#9 Clearly Label Boxes

Label your boxes with the destination room and what is inside. This helps dramatically during the unpacking process, but also with loading the Uhaul truck. If you do need to use a storage unit for a short time, labeling your boxes can help you ensure you have access to boxes you may need and store less needed boxes in the rear of your storage unit.

#10 Use Linens as Packing Paper

To save space and money, use your linens as packing paper to protect your fragile items. Using items you are going to take with you anyway, such as your towels and blankets, you don’t create extra packing materials or take up extra space in boxes; plus there is less mess on the other end when you unpack!

#11 Take Pictures of Hookups

If you have electronic equipment, it is a good idea to take a few pictures of how the cords all connect to your devices. This makes unpacking and setting up incredibly easy.

#12 Load Large Items First

When it comes to loading the Uhaul truck, begin with the bigger bulky items. That way you create a solid base and can stack the smaller, lighter stuff around them.

When you decide to make you move, it isn’t a bad idea to get started planning right away! Unless you are moving right next door, moving will be stressful. However, if you follow a few of the tips we’ve provided, you may get packed, unpacked, and settled into your home quicker! If you are beginning or ending your move in the Charlottesville or Ruckersville area, at Store it Right, we have all the moving and packing supplies you’ll need, in addition to climate-controlled self-storage units and Uhaul moving trucks. Contact us to see how we can help make your move easier!

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