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Through our association with U-Haul, we can assist you in renting any truck or trailer offered by U-Haul. Pick up and drop off your U-Haul truck or trailer at the same facility. Use our moving dollies and packing quilts free of charge! Running late? Drop off your vehicle 24-7 and leave the keys in our key box!  We will settle up with you later. Click here to reserve your U-Haul Online-   U-Haul



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We are central Virginia’s largest U-box Dealer, and we’re climate controlled!

Through our association with U-Haul, we can assist you to ship your belongings across town or across the world with U-Box. You can also store your goods at home, at our Climate Controlled  Ruckersville Warehouse or at your destination location. Our 6,000 sq. ft. facility with high bay doors accepts tractor trailer deliveries and is safe and secure, so you don’t have to worry about your belongings.  We also have a forklift on the site, so we can easily load or unload your items at your convenience.

Extended Storage During a Move

We offer storage any time during your move. Only load and unload once. We can help store your belongings locally or in your new city.

Long Distance/International Moves

The ease of U-Box moving containers helps to make moving simpler. Arrange for your belongings to be delivered anywhere, even overseas. We also offer inter-island moves to Hawaii and shipping to Alaska.

Home Renovations

Secure your items in a U-Box portable storage container during your home renovation process to avoid any damage to your items. You can either keep your storage container on your property or at our facility in Ruckersville, Virginia.

Emergency Moves

Have a family emergency that requires an immediate move? Our moving containers can help eliminate the need to drive your belongings to a new location. Ship them with us and catch a quick flight to your new destination.

College Students

Load your storage container and have it delivered directly to your school. You can also use the containers to store your stuff between semesters and deliver them to your new home upon graduation.

Business Events

If your business is participating in a weekend event or an annual festivity, a U-Box container is the way to go. It is an easy way for you to store your event inventory for several days and access it when you need to.


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