Meet Sandy

Sandy, as most of our self-storage patrons know, is our four-and-a-half-year-old Yellow Labrador Retriever.  She is much loved by everyone and lives a charmed life accompanying her adopted parents everywhere.


After much negotiation, she agreed to an official role as Mascot, “IF” it didn’t cut too much into her busy life of swimming, romping and loving life.  She expressedconcerns that actually having an official job title could become burdensome, even though her activities would not change.

She consulted her closest advisers; they were very encouraging as long as she kept up her appointments with them.  We are proud to announce Sandy as our official “live” Mascot.  You will likely see Sandy at our Charlottesville store, but her social network is wide and deep, so she might appear anywhere!

Whether you need climate controlled storage or mini storage near you, turn to Store It Right. Stop by today to visit Sandy and to check out our storage units!

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