Store It Right is proud of our approach to reducing our carbon footprint by using low-energy LED lighting wherever we can.  In the last year, we replaced nearly all of our fluorescent exterior and interior lighting with low-cost LED lighting.  LEDs are made from nontoxic materials, unlike fluorescent lighting, that uses mercury that may pose a danger to the environment. LED’s are also recyclable.

Additionally, we have a battery driven forklift. Electric lifts do not emit any exhausts, so indoor air quality is greatly improved for our workers and our customers.

Our Replacement Policy regarding all electric appliances is to replace them with the highest efficiency equipment available.  Primarily, this applies to the HVAC equipment we use to heat and cool our offices and climate controlled storage buildings.  When originally purchased, our HVAC equipment was purchased with the environment in mind.  We pledge to replace this equipment and any electric equipment with the same philosophy in mind.

Our Charlottesville office is currently under renovation.  Rest assured that we will use state-of-the-art materials when recovering our exterior walls and insulating the walls and ceilings.  We are also evaluating the use of solar panels on the roof of the office building and will look into placing them on top of our storage buildings as well.

We are also proud that one of our owners has made the decision to invest in a Tesla electric car, which has zero emissions and uses only electric fuel.

We want to be your first choice for self-storage near you, and we work to provide you with a storage solution you can feel good about. Whether you need a mini storage unit or one of our biggest, turn to Store It Right. Contact us today to reserve your unit.